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When Chef Ludo Lefebvre flew over The Rockies and threw on a pair of boots & his cowboy hat, he knew he’d found his second home. Denver, perhaps the greatest city of the West, is defined by possibility: a vast space for exploration & inspiration. Here, Chef Ludo chose to create a new kind of restaurant, one that is truly Mile-High, yet unapologetically French. 

Chez Maggy is a traditional French brasserie, reinvented for the Queen City. It’s a love-letter to Margaret, Ludo’s mother-in-law who lived life to help others right here in Colorado. It’s also a celebration of the land of Ludo’s childhood: Burgundy, a place steeped in natural beauty and a deep connection to the Earth. Chez Maggy pays homage to Ludo’s French roots while synthesizing his rich culinary traditions with the naturally-abundant ingredients of the Mountain West. At Chez Maggy, we reimagine Continental Cuisine at the Continental Divide. 

Beholden to nothing and open to spontaneity, Chef Ludo utilizes his training by the French Masters to create a menu that honors tradition and delights the senses. Deliciously French, but not a bit pretentious, the menu sings in a dining room that sets a Mile-High standard for elegance & ease. Chez Maggy is all that & a pair of boots. The limit to our creativity? Some might say it’s a mile high.